Professional Engineers: Building a Career, Making a Difference


Dawn Edgell 
Why Engineering?
57 seconds | Video Clip  

Roch Larochelle
When Did You Know Engineering Was for You?
2:17 minutes | Video Clip

Brad Aldrich
Why is an Engineering Career So Rewarding?

1:07 minutes | Video Clip

Jason Cosby
Why Are Engineers So Important?

1:16 minutes | Video Clip

Randay Riebel
Why is the Professional Engineering License Important?

1:24 minutes | Video Clip

Joe Duncan
How Important Are Math & Science?

1:28 minutes | Video Clip

Leanne Panduren
What Other Areas of Study Are Important?

1:09 minutes | Video Clip

Matt Leistico
Any Advice for Aspiring Engineers?

1:04 minutes | Video Clip

Roch Larochelle
Are Engineers "All Work and No Play"?

4:59 minutes | Video Clip

Brad Aldrich
Do Engineers Make a Difference?
36 seconds | Video Clip

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