Minorities and Women in Engineering

NSPE Position Statement No. 1740
Adopted: July 2000
Last Reviewed and Approved Without Edits: January 2017
NSPE Contact: Committee on Policy and Advocacy

It is the position of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to proactively encourage diversity in all areas of the engineering profession, which NSPE aggressively pursues in its own organization and seeks opportunities to promote throughout the profession.

Career Guidance
NSPE, in conjunction with state and local chapters, will contact high schools and junior colleges to provide minority and women students with information on the opportunities open to them in engineering, and the requirements for entering the engineering profession. NSPE will thus seek to motivate these students, and encourage them to concentrate their studies on subjects required for entrance into an engineering curriculum.

Furthermore, NSPE will actively support the involvement of women and minorities in student chapters, either at individual colleges or in geographically convenient groups of colleges. NSPE chapters with engineering colleges within their boundaries should encourage active participation by women and minority students in the local chapter activities.

Professional Development
NSPE believes that licensure as a professional engineer is a significant achievement in the professional development of an engineer. NSPE urges minority and women students to take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination while still in college and to take the Principles and Practice examination as soon as eligibility requirements have been met. NSPE believes that continuing professional development throughout one's professional career is an integral part of a professional commitment.

NSPE supports equal employment and promotion opportunities for all engineers. NSPE encourages members and employers in each practice area to make special efforts in recruitment to have minorities and women adequately represented at all levels of the engineering profession.

NSPE Membership
Various professional groups exist that represent African Americans, women, and other minorities in engineering. NSPE further acknowledges that these groups evolved because their needs were not perceived as being attainable in existing organizations. NSPE will work with these groups jointly in promoting mutual interests, thus serving the engineering profession as a whole.

In view of the vast network of NSPE members and NSPE's publications, these groups will be encouraged to join NSPE individually or "en bloc" so that their interest and involvement will be more widely and effectively made available to the professional engineering population.

Equality and Representation
NSPE is committed to equality within its ranks. Progress in the hierarchy of the society is based on a member's activity and commitment to serve. Minorities and women are encouraged and invited to participate actively in the society's affairs and to hold important positions at chapter, state, and national levels.

NSPE welcomes minorities and women individually or collectively to bring special areas of concern to NSPE's attention so that the total weight of NSPE and the national membership can be brought to bear for the most effective results.