Licensing Fees, Inactive and Retired PE Status

NSPE Position Statement No. 1755
Adopted: July 2010

It is the position of the National Society of Professional Engineers to support adequate fees by states and governing jurisdictions to cover the cost of examination, periodic license renewal, administration, and effective enforcement of the licensure act in those jurisdictions. Fees for licensed professionals should support the full cost of administering the licensing program, but should not become a source of taxation.

Since many engineers maintain licenses in multiple jurisdictions, but only infrequently need them for active practice in all jurisdictions, NSPE supports an inactive status license at a reduced fee for those not actively performing work in a jurisdiction. Provisions for returning to active status should include a reasonable fee structure and demonstration of continuing competence or active practice in another jurisdiction.

Retired Status
It is the further position of NSPE that any person currently licensed as a professional engineer may renew a PE license for a reduced fee providing that the engineer is not actively engaged in the practice of professional engineering and is age 65 or older prior to renewing this license.

If the engineer's status satisfies these two requirements, the engineer may request that the renewal fee of that state be reduced or eliminated as arranged between the licensing board and state treasurer. Provisions for such 'Retired Status' should allow the use of 'P.E. Ret.' designation in communications and correspondence.