Seal, Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor—Use of

NSPE Professional Policy No.: 
Latest Revision: 
September 2015
Sunset Date: 
September 2021
NSPE Contact: 
Board of Directors

It is the policy of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) that engineering plans, drawings, specifications, and other documents applicable to professional engineering practice bear the imprint of the seal(s) that attest to the professional licensure of the responsible person(s), in accordance with the requirements of state laws.

No other seal(s), emblem(s), or indicia should be shown thereon unless required by law, except that the engineer’s standard insignia, logo, block, symbol, and client designation may be used.

It is the further policy of NSPE to recommend legal proscriptions against the making of changes to work signed and sealed by a professional engineer, except by a professional engineer according to applicable jurisdictional regulations and who shall (a) sign and reseal the work and (b) make a notation on the work indicating the nature of the changes.

Further, NSPE recommends legal proscriptions against the making of any change to a property boundary survey except by a licensed land surveyor who shall make a notation on the updated survey documents indicating the changes made, the reasons for the changes, and resealing and signing the survey document(s).