Elementary and Secondary Education

NSPE Professional Policy No.: 
Latest Revision: 
September 2015
Sunset Date: 
September 2022
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PEHE Interest Group

NSPE believes the future of the United States, as a world leader, is dependent upon our society’s heightened emphasis in the development of technological leadership. NSPE further believes this future must include, as its foundation, sound, effective educational programs at both the elementary and secondary school levels. A continued focus on these programs will require a commitment from NSPE members to work with state and local public educational groups to effect appropriate educational goals, objectives, leadership development, and funding for elementary and secondary science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education needed to prepare students for a future career in the engineering profession.

THEREFORE, it is the policy of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to urge its state and chapter members to demonstrate community leadership in elementary and secondary education programs, especially in the areas related to the physical sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, research and computer education.

It is the further policy of NSPE to assist its constituent state societies and chapters in the development and promotion of state and local initiatives designed to improve the curricula that pertain to the study of the physical sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, research, and computer education at both elementary and secondary school levels.