NSPE’s Committee on Policy and Advocacy Looking for Subject Matter Experts

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The NSPE Committee on Policy and Advocacy (COPA) is working diligently on policy matters of great importance to the licensed PE. We are looking for subject matter experts in the following areas to provide immediate counsel to each issue working group of COPA’s three subcommittees (threat assessment, policy development and advocacy):

  1. Discipline-specific licensure
  2. Use of certified credentials by PEs
  3. Mobility of the PE license
  4. Attacks on licensure as a barrier to economic competitiveness.

If you have specific knowledge and expertise on these matters, please email Arielle Eiser, Senior Manager of Government Relations, at aeiser@nspe.org with a brief summary of your background and relevant expertise. Ideally, we would like 2-3 experts for each issue working group for a total of 24-36 experts to work with the COPA, beginning in October.