NSPE Joins Professional Certification Coalition

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

NSPE is pleased to announce its membership in the Professional Certification Coalition, which was formed to promote and represent private-sector professional certification organizations and their service providers. Membership in the Coalition provides NSPE with additional opportunities to protect professional licensure, contribute to white papers and other material highlighting the benefits of both certification and licensure, and form new, mutually-beneficial alliances. Recent occupational licensing reform legislation considered in various states alerted certification organizations to significant threats to their activities. Just this June, NSPE and an informal coalition of certification organizations successfully amended a Louisiana bill (H.B. 748) by stripping a provision that would prohibit the use of most professional certifications or accreditations within the state. This new coalition formally unifies the efforts of many of those same organizations. Together, we will fight against legislative efforts that threaten to undermine private certification organizations, and that would dilute or blur the lines between professional licensure and certification. More information.