NSPE Comments on Federal Locality Pay Program

Friday, December 23, 2011

NSPE submitted comments on the 2013 federal locality pay program at the request of the Office of Personnel Management. OPM solicits comments from NSPE annually, when the agency must prepare a congressionally mandated report to the president that compares pay rates for federal employees with rates paid to non-federal workers in each locality. The locality pay program provides federal employees with pay adjustments in areas where surveys have shown that the pay disparity between federal and non-federal workers is greater than 5%. The program's goal is to narrow the pay gap between federal and non-federal workers. NSPE believes that federally employed engineers must be compensated in a way that is comparable to the private sector to enable federal agencies to recruit and retain the most qualified engineers. Without adequate federal engineering expertise, the infrastructure, energy, and national security requirements of our technologically dependent nation will suffer. Read NSPE's issue brief "Comparable Professional Compensation for Federal Engineers" here.