Congress Passes Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The House passed the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (H.R. 5112, S. 3250); and the President is expected to sign it into law. The Senate passed the bill in July. The bill seeks to ensure that federal buildings' design, construction, operation, and maintenance personnel have appropriate skills and training to meet energy-efficiency goals and address high-performance building needs.

The bill directs the General Services Administration to consult with professional societies, industry associations, and apprenticeship training providers to identify core competencies necessary for federal personnel performing building operations and maintenance, energy management, safety, and design functions to comply with federal law. GSA then must identify relevant courses, certifications, degrees, licenses, and registrations to demonstrate possession of core competencies. Private industry, apprenticeship training providers, or institutions of higher education would provide the necessary courses.

NSPE has supported the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act throughout its consideration, sending three joint letters to congressional leadership in support of the bill.