Bureau Seeks Comments Related to PEs

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On September 10, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement issued a call for comments regarding paperwork requirements. Section 416 (g) (2) states:

“Submit evidence that demonstrates that the Registered Professional Engineer/firm has the expertise and experience necessary to perform the verification(s); allow BSEE access to witness testing; verify info submitted to BSEE.”

NSPE encourages all interested and affected professional engineers to submit comments on their firm’s requirements and possible challenges under the existing rule. Please specify your position as a PE; however, please do not characterize your comments as comments on behalf of the National Society of Professional Engineers. It should be clear that these comments represent an individual or company’s perspective. Please contact Arielle Eiser at aeiser@nspe.org with any questions.

Read the notice and submit comments.