Alert: Canadian Licensing Provisions Restrict US PEs

Monday, October 1, 2018

NSPE has alerted the US Trade Representative to Canadian licensing rules that unfairly restrict US PEs from practicing north of the border. In a September 24 letter to the trade representative, NSPE highlighted the discriminatory licensing requirements: Like the United States, Canada allows individual jurisdictions to develop their own requirements for applying for and obtaining a professional engineering license. Unlike most of the United States, however, Canadian provinces have work requirements that can be fulfilled only in Canada, thus prohibiting many US PEs from practicing in Canada, despite having amassed extensive engineering experience and proficiency outside of Canada.

NSPE’s letter was a formal response to the USTR’s request for comments regarding its annual National Trade Estimate Report on foreign trade barriers. To ensure Canadian policy more closely aligns with US policy on the licensure of engineers with foreign work experience, NSPE recommends that the two countries enter into an agreement that recognizes work experience from either country.