Threats to Professional Licensure: State List


Legislation that increases state oversight of occupational regulatory boards.
 Potential Threat
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory: Legislative
Bill Number: HB 913
House adopted Conference Committee Report on 5/12/2018.

This measure would have created the Sunset Advisory Commission to review existing State boards and commissions.

The Commission would have been tasked with recommending elimination of any board or commission it deemed no longer necessary, or the revision of any of the powers and duties of a board or commission.

NSPE and Vermont Society of Professional Engineers closely monitored this bill to ensure that the Board of Professional Engineering was not targeted.

Other: A legislative, regulatory, or executive action that falls outside other threat categories, including proposed elimination of other occupational licenses, that doesn’t directly threaten professional engineers but requires attention.
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory: Legislative
Bill Number: HB 562
Signed by Governor on 6/2/2016.

Makes various revisions related to the review of professional regulation; it also provides that a licensed professional engineer may practice design without a license under the "potable water supply and wastewater system designers" provisions if he or she satisfies the criteria set forth in 10 V.S.A. § 1975(b). The bill, now enacted into law, challenges the fundamental tenets of licensure and places a host of requirements that must be met for licensure to be warranted. NSPE has communicated with state leadership on this issue to ensure that this will not negatively impact the PE. NSPE and state leadership are closely monitoring the state Board's actions moving forward.