Threats to Professional Licensure: State List


“Right to Engage in a Lawful Occupation Act.” Seeks to establish the least restrictive means of regulating an occupation. Often proposes the elimination of licensure requirements for certain professions. Professional engineers aren’t specifically targeted, but are included.
 Potential Threat
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory: Legislative
Bill Number: AB 353
Died in Committee in 2017.

The bill states that occupational regulations must use the least restrictive regulation to protect consumers from harms that threaten public health and safety. At the last minute, the bill was scheduled for an April 12 hearing by the Nevada Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor. NSPE and the Nevada Society were notified late on April 11 that a comment needed to be submitted immediately. Working together, NSPE and the Nevada Society put together a joint response in three hours. Because of the opposition to the bill, the bill was dropped from the committee’s agenda the next day. This is a fantastic example of what the national-state partnership can achieve to protect the integrity of the PE license. Read the comment here.