Threats to Professional Licensure: State List

New Mexico

Other: Tracking Software
 Potential Threat
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory: Legislative
Bill Number: SB 546
Died on adjournment 3/16/19

This tracking software legislation mandates that all state contractors use software to verify the amount of time they are working on a state contract. The software tracks total keystroke and mouse event frequency, and records a screenshot at least once every three minutes. It presents significant privacy and security concerns.

Executive order requiring review and analysis of licensing requirements, resulting in recommendations to remove any unnecessary or overly burdensome licensing requirements. The executive order does not specifically target professional engineers.
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory: Executive Order
Bill Number: Executive Order 2018-048
Governor ordered on 10/3/2018.

Governor Susana Martinez issued an executive order instructing the state’s boards, commissions and agencies to implement reforms that make it easier for New Mexicans to become licensed, reduce the burden of occupational licensing on military families and job-seekers who move to New Mexico, and aid those with a criminal record in finding gainful employment.

Under the Executive Order, boards are required to establish a ‘consumer choice’ process, which allows an individual to practice an occupation without an occupational license so long as (1) the individual or individual’s employer informs each prospective customer that the individual is not licensed by the State of New Mexico, and (2) the customer signs a written contract acknowledging the disclosure. This is very troubling language and NSPE is working with the New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers to combat this threat.