Threats to Professional Licensure: State List


“Right to Engage in a Lawful Occupation Act.” This kind of legislation seeks to establish the least restrictive means of regulating an occupation. It often proposes the elimination of licensure requirements for certain professions but does not specifically target professional engineers.
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory:
Bill Number:
Placed on General File on 1/30/2018.

This measure requires for each legislative bill or amendment that would enact or modify occupational regulations, the standing committee of the Legislature to which the bill is referred to will:

(a) Review the proposed legislation;

(b) Determine whether the proposed legislation uses the least restrictive regulation necessary to protect consumers from present, significant, and substantiated harm;

(c) Evaluate the effects of the proposed legislation on opportunities for workers, consumer choices and costs, general unemployment, market competition, governmental costs, and any other relevant issues;

(d) Compare the proposed legislation with occupational regulation in other states and for similar occupations; and

(e) Issue a report regarding the proposed legislation in a timely fashion in order that the committee may review the report prior to voting on the legislation.

In determining whether proposed legislation meets the requirement of using the least restrictive regulation necessary to protect consumers, the legislative committee shall presume that market competition and private remedies are sufficient to protect consumers.

NSPE contacted the Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers regarding this threatening piece of legislation. NSPE will continue to work with the Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers in the 2018 Legislative Session.