Threats to Professional Licensure: State List


“Right to Engage in a Lawful Occupation Act.” This kind of legislation seeks to establish the least restrictive means of regulating an occupation. It often proposes the elimination of licensure requirements for certain professions but does not specifically target professional engineers.
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory:
Bill Number:
Referred to Rules Committee on 3/31/2017.

The Right to Earn a Living Act establishes that at all entry regulations with respect to businesses and professions and all public service restrictions shall be limited to those demonstrably necessary and carefully tailored to fulfill legitimate public health, safety, or welfare objectives.

Within one year after the enactment, all agencies shall conduct a comprehensive review of all entry regulations within their jurisdictions, and for each such entry regulation it shall:

  • Articulate with specificity the public health, safety, or welfare objective or objectives served by the regulation; and
  • Articulate the reason or reasons why the regulation is necessary to serve the specified objective or objectives.
Other: A legislative, regulatory, or executive action that falls outside other threat categories but requires attention by professional engineers.
Legislative/Executive Order/Regulatory:

In an effort to balance the state budget, Governor Bruce Rauner and Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti have announced a new assembly team of experts who are to focus on issue areas key to state policy development. The first of four units to be announced will focus on the state of economics. Under the direction of Hans Zigmund, named the governor’s first economic policy director, the team will be responsible for balanced budget initiatives and regulatory relief areas such as workers compensation and occupational licensure. In the past, Governor Rauner and the Illinois Legislature have made significant efforts to institute occupational reform. For example, in the recent establishment of the Illinois Competitiveness Council, the council is specifically instructed to examine the occupational licensure system to promote “job growth and job creation” and identify unnecessary burdens. NSPE is collaborating with the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers to ensure that the PE license is not impacted.