Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services: State List


Action on Issue: Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services
Legislative/Regulatory Issue: Legislative
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Last Action:
HB 2939: Failed upon adjournment on 5/3/2018.
SB 1262: Failed upon adjournment on 5/3/2018.
Additional Comments:

These companion measures would allow counties to procure engineering services by low bid which essentially bypasses QBS. Specifically, these measures articulate that for counties in the selection of a construction manager or consultant, if more than one construction manager or consultant meets the required professional qualifications and technical experience, the qualifying construction managers or consultants must submit a bid based on percentage of the project total plus any separate costs that may be added. The board will then compare the bids and select the lowest.

NSPE and the Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers are working to ensure that this QBS threat is defeated.