Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services: State List

New York

Action on Issue: Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services
Legislative/Regulatory Issue: Legislative
Legislative/Regulatory Issue Tracking Number:
Last Action:
AB 5759: Died during 2016 Legislative Session.
SB 4475: Died during 2016 Legislative Session.
SB 5600: Vetoed by Governor Cuomo on 12/18/2017.
AB 5750: Vetoed by Governor Cuomo on 12/18/2017.
Additional Comments:

Currently in New York, state agencies are required to use QBS as the sole procurement methodology. By contrast, SB 5600 and AB 5750 are companion measures which would make this permissive. These measures would authorize public authorities and public benefit corporations to negotiate with professional firms providing architectural or engineering services in order from the most qualified to the least qualified with regard to the provision of services to the authority or corporation. 

AB 5759 and SB 4475 are companion measures during the 2015-2016 Legislative Session that would allow public authorities a greater opportunity to negotiate with the most qualified architectural and engineering professional firms through annual statements of qualifications and performance data created by professional firms. These measures died during the 2016 Legislative Session.

The New York State Society of Professional Engineers historically supports legislation which would expand the mandatory use of QBS by public authorities and public benefit corporations. NSPE and NYSSPE have and will continue to work together in order to ensure QBS is maintained in New York.