Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services: State List


Action on Issue: Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services
Legislative/Regulatory Issue: Legislative
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Last Action:
HB 426: Signed by Governor on 5/25/2017.
SB 311: Signed by Governor on 5/25/2017.
Additional Comments:

These companion measures, which have been signed into law, simplified and streamlined the procurement process for engineers and architects in Maryland and protects QBS. Specifically, it states that Qualification-Based-Selection should only be used by the Department of General Services or the Department of Transportation if the proposal:

- Is for architectural services or engineering services;

- The proposal is made on a competitive basis;

- Includes an evaluation of the technical proposals and qualifications of at least two persons;

- The persons cannot be provided feasibly and economically by existing-in-house resources.

A request for architectural or engineering services shall include a statement describing generally the architectural services or engineering services that are the subject of the procurement and indicating how an interested person may receive information about the procurement. From the results of the selection process, the Department of General Services or the Department of Transportation should begin negotiations with the most qualified persons. The Maryland Society of Professional Engineers came out in support of the measure.