Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services: State List


Action on Issue: Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services
Legislative/Regulatory Issue: Regulatory
Last Action:
Recommendation rescinded in 2017.
Additional Comments:

In 2016, NSPE learned that an auditing firm published a report indicating that the Kansas Department of Transportation could save money by eliminating QBS in the department’s procurement of architectural and engineering services. NSPE wrote a letter to Kansas legislators stating the information contained in the report is incorrect and reiterated the importance of qualifications-based selection for architectural and engineering services and asked that QBS be preserved and strengthened in Kansas. The report by the auditing firm was discussed again in 2017 by the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee. NSPE submitted a letter to the Chair and Vice Chair of the committee, fighting back against a continuous effort to erode qualifications-based selection in Kansas. The Kansas Society of Professional Engineers, with the assistance of National Society of Professional Engineers was able to stop this recommendation from moving forward. NSPE and the Kansas Society of Professional Engineers will continue to work together to defeat this ongoing threat.