Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services: State List


Action on Issue: Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services
Legislative/Regulatory Issue: Legislative
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Withdrawn by sponsor on 2/23/2018
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Establishes that if a contracting person procures architectural, engineering, or land surveying services for a state-funded contract, the contracting person shall, when selecting the contractor, negotiate with the most qualified and suitable professional person of demonstrated competence to perform the services. In the selection process, a contracting person may include price as an added factor in selecting architectural, engineering, or land surveying services when the services required are repetitious in nature, and the scope, nature, and amount of the services required are thoroughly defined by measurable and objective standards to enable professional persons making proposals the services required. For the contracting person to include price as a factor in selection, a majority of the persons involved by the contracting person in evaluation of the proposals shall be registered in the state to perform architectural, engineering, or land surveying services.