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As the latest class of engineering graduates prepares to join the work world, NSPE members offer career advice.

10 Top Tips on Leadership

Leadership is a complex subject. You don’t master it by going to a seminar or reading a book. The following are examples of the very best leadership advice I’ve accumulated over 30 years as a leader and consultant.

Why New Professionals Join NSPE

NSPE's members are among the nation's top engineers—they have risen to the top of their fields through intense training, licensing, continuing education, and leadership. Join Now.

Awards And Scholarships

Each year, NSPE awards the Young Engineer of the Year Award to the most qualified applicant. Also, NSPE nominates 5 members for New Faces of Engineering award, all accomplished engineers in design, research, construction, or management. Learn more about awards and scholarships for young engineers.

Career Resources

New professionals will find NSPE's Job Board an excellent tool for finding the most competitive and challenging jobs. New professionals can get career advice with mentoring resources. The NSPE Job Board offers professional services to help you build and manage your career for maximum potential for success. Check out these resources!


Whether you're preparing for licensure, managing a career transition or simply seeking advice or information from a wide range of experienced engineers nationwide, NSPE's mentoring program provide a powerful resource that's available only to our members.

Products & Services

Check out the resources available for students and new professionals in the Shop NSPE online catalog.


New Professionals Interest Group

Private Practice Young Engineers

Each year, PEPP YEAC members select one or more projects to focus on throughout the year. The projects are designed to help young engineers in developing their leadership skills and become better engineers or help seasoned engineers learn how to help mentor and motivate young engineers. Through a series of monthly conference calls, the group works as a team to develop this project into something to benefit young engineers, PEPP and NSPE as a whole.