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2014 Survey Results
Download the Professional Engineers in Industry, 2014 Survey Results. By PE magazine & PEI. >>

PEI provides funding for the PEI Scholarship for students studying in their final years of an ABET-accredited engineering program. >>

PEI Young Engineers Advisory Council
Read about the PEI Young Engineers advisory council. >>

Representatives from NSPE-PEI, IEEE-USA, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and NCEES have partnered to create the Software Engineering Licensure Consortium that promotes licensure for engineers within that field. >>

Information & News
A variety of PEI Publications are available and PEI members receive the group's monthly electronic newsletter PEI E-News>>

Whether you're preparing for licensure, managing a career transition or simply seeking advice or information from a wide range of experienced engineers nationwide, NSPE's mentoring program provide a powerful resource that's available only to our members. >>

NICET/ASCET Collaboration
NSPE's alliance with NICET is strong and important. PEI has been a proactive force in ensuring this alliance. Past efforts included ensuring an MOU with ASCET was created, and a recent survey of industry to inquire regarding the use of technicians and technologists within industry. >>

Professional Engineers in Industry Executive Board >>

Products & Services
Created by PEI members, the Career Asset Manager a powerful resource designed to help engineers reach the career-development goals is now available for free to all NSPE members. >>

The following companies support the development of quality products and services for engineers in industry. They operate throughout the U.S. and internationally and range in size and specialty. >>

Industry Exemption

Engineering Industrial Exemptions: Status by Jurisdiction
The table provides the best and most detailed information developed to date on the status of exemptions from engineering licensure laws and regulations in each licensure jurisdiction in the U.S.
Published by Craig Musselman, P.E., F.NSPE, on September 20, 2013.

A Second Look at Safety
The Gulf oil spill has some in the engineering profession asking whether the industry exemption from state licensing laws is really such a good idea. >>

The Industrial Exemption: What, If Anything, Should The Profession Do?
In an NSPE blog titled, "The Industrial Exemption: What, If Anything, Should The Profession Do?" Craig Musselman, P.E., chair of NSPE's Licensure & Qualifications for Practice Committee, shared his views on engineers in industry and industrial exemptions from licensing laws. >>