Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

The world finds itself today in a crisis unlike any in recent memory. While members of the engineering profession are facing the same uncertainties as everyone else, NSPE’s volunteer leaders and staff are firmly committed to doing the very best we can to help you through this very difficult time.

As you strive to stay on top of your professional and personal life remember that NSPE is a resource for you.

  • PE Magazine Article Spring 2021

    Pandemic Shapes Faculty Views on Future of Online Education (PE Spring 2021)

    STEM faculty who faced a hurried transition to remote education due to COVID reported cautious optimism about the future of online education, but they also see substantial hurdles, according to a new survey.

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  • PE Magazine Article 2021Winter

    Pipeline Safety Measure Enacted with COVID Relief Package (PE Winter 2021)

    Congressional legislation signed into law in December to provide a COVID relief package also includes the Leonel Rondon Pipeline Safety Act.

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  • PE Magazine Article 2021 Winter

    COVID’s Impact on the Designer’s Standard of Care (PE Winter 2021)

    This article focuses on COVID’s impact to the common law as it affects the design professional’s standard of care.

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  • PE Magazine Article 2020 Fall

    Contracts After Covid (PE Fall 2020)

    Questions engineers need to consider when developing an effective reopening plan

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  • PE Magazine

    Persevering Through the Pandemic (PE Fall 2020)

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created both new and harsh realities with uncertainty around when conditions will get definitively better.

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  • PE Magazine

    Pandemic Shakes the Profession (PE May/June 2020)

    Going about our daily lives just a few months ago, we had no idea of the profound changes in store for us. Then, almost overnight, life turned topsy-turvy.

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  • CE Requirements for PEs

    Waivers for Continuing Education Licensing Requirements

    The following states have issued waivers for continuing education licensing requirements: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

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  • Free Webinar

    Free Webinar: Federal and State Covid-19 Response

    On April 2, 2020 we hosted a free, webinar outlining actions that have been taken at the federal and state level affecting licensure. The recording of, “Federal and State Covid-19 Response: Effects on Licensure and Small Businesses,” is now available for free through Shop NSPE.

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  • Data Aggregation

    Government Relations COVID-19 Resources

    The Government Relations team is dedicating its time to identifying and tracking COVID-19 related Executive Orders and federal and state legislation that impacts NSPE members professional activities. We have created public documents that aggregate state-level legislation on support for small businesses, and changes to licensure renewals and requirements. The documents update in real time.

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  • Covid-19 Map

    COVID-19 State Actions with Printable Reports

    NSPE is tracking and identifying executive orders and legislation related to COVID-19 and has created one-page reports.

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  • NSPE Open Forum

    Open Forum in NSPE’s Communities

    Stay in touch with fellow members of the profession through the Open Forum in NSPE’s Communities.


  • 15 Free Courses

    15 Free Webinars—Earn PDHs, For NSPE Members

    Tap into the 15 free webinars that are included in your membership to view from your home or office.

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  • PE Institute

    Upcoming Live Webinars on the PE Institute

    Plan to remotely attend our upcoming webinars on topics like engineering ethics, and many others.

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  • State Socities

    State Societies: Don't Forget Your Local Resources

    Don’t forget to check-out what your state society is doing for you. Visit your state society’s website so you can learn more about the local resources available to you.

    NSPE State Societies

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NSPE members are truly unique. They share a deep commitment to the ethical practice of engineering in service to the public, they strive to make the most of their professional lives, and they aim to build a better profession. Your Society is here to help you meet those commitments.

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