NSPE's Statement of Principles

Being a licensed professional engineer means more than just holding a certificate and possessing technical competence. It is a commitment to hold the public health, safety, and welfare above all other considerations. NSPE's more than 80-year history has focused on this core principle, which professional engineers in all disciplines and practice areas hold in common.

NSPE works to improve the lives of both the public and the PEs that serve it through efforts to:

  • Define the PE license as the highest measure of professionalism and qualification to protect the public health, safety, and welfare;

  • Promote awareness and recognition of the value and meaning of the PE license; and

  • Protect the integrity of the profession and the welfare of the public by vigorously opposing the practice of engineering by unqualified persons; and advocating the highest standards of licensure, ethics, and professional practice.

Members Overwhelmingly Endorse NSPE Statement of Principles

What does it mean to be a licensed professional engineer and an NSPE member? Can you summarize it in a two-minute (or less) elevator speech?

PEs often find these questions challenging, perhaps because of the wide variety of engineering disciplines, perhaps because there’s so much to say about the profession. Two minutes? No way.

But this spring, NSPE members were asked for their opinions about just such an elevator speech, and the response was overwhelming approval. Learn more (June 2015, PE)