The Race for Relevance Framework

NSPE is committed to making the five changes outlined in Race for Relevance.  The five changes, listed in the order of priority assigned to them by the membership, and the manner in which NSPE will pursue them are:

  1. Rigorously Define the Member Market:  NSPE will accomplish this by remaining focused on the licensed professional engineer and those who aspire to become licensed.

  2. Rationalize Programs, Services and Activities:  NSPE will accomplish this through a disciplined, fiscally-responsible and data-driven process of building on strengths and concentrating resources on those activities:

    1. That will make a significant difference for NSPE’s members;
    2. That NSPE has the unique capacity (or potential) to do better than anyone else; and
    3. That members cannot do for themselves or get without being a member.
  3. Overhaul the Governance and Committee Model:  NSPE will accomplish this by engaging in the disciplined and constant exercise of strategic thinking at the House of Delegates, Board of Directors, Committee, Council, Task Force and staff levels as well as streamlining processes and procedures to facilitate effective, action-oriented governance.

  4. Bridge the Technology Gap and Build a Framework for the Race:  NSPE will accomplish this by providing for effective investments in maintenance and upgrades to the systems, technology, and personnel infrastructure of the organization.

  5. Empower the CEO and Enhance Staff Expertise:  NSPE will accomplish this by articulating clear strategies and defined outcomes, then empowering and holding the Executive Director accountable as the “steward of strategy,” and providing adequate resources to support the mission.