NSPE Strategic Plan

NSPE Strategic Plan

The NSPE Board, Strategic Plan Steering Committee, and NSPE staff have begun work with renowned strategic consultant Seth Kahan on maximizing value generation and growth for all three core constituencies that make up NSPE’s ecosystem:

  • NSPE members, and potential members;
  • NSPE State Societies; and
  • NICET certificants, their employers, and potential certification services customers.

The strategic planning process will move NSPE forward on the path to success from past initiatives, Future Directions and Race for Relevance, through the implementation of the new membership business model and by clearly defining what is a value, what is the priority, what is the message, and how do we grow.

This strategic plan will be presented to the NSPE House of Delegates in July 2019.


The information on this page is from the NSPE Strategic Plan 2014–2019 (PDF): As Approved by the NSPE Board of Directors, July 5, 2014, Washington, DC.


NSPE is a member-centric, nimble, future-focused and responsive organization, serving as the recognized voice and advocate of licensed Professional Engineers.


NSPE, in partnership with the State Societies, is the organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) and Engineer Interns (EIs).

NSPE, in partnership with the State Societies,

  • Serves as the recognized and authoritative expert in licensure, ethics, and professional practice;
  • Promotes licensure and assists individuals in becoming licensed; and
  • Protects and enhances the value of licensure and the opportunities for the licensed engineer.


NSPE values:

  1. Protection of the public health, safety, and welfare above all other considerations
  2. Ethical and competent practice of engineering
  3. Innovation through the creative application of math, science and engineering
  4. The PE license as the highest standard of professionalism in engineering
  5. Continuous learning for professional growth
  6. Growth in the number of licensed Professional Engineers
  7. Teamwork, unity, and fellowship of all PEs across all disciplines
  8. Commitment to the future of the licensed Professional Engineer

It is a single, integrated system of autonomous but closely coordinated parts: state, national and local.

Although membership is clearly and appropriately defined (the licensed engineer and those who aspire to be licensed), NSPE recognizes that there is significant diversity within that narrowly defined constituency.

In order to effectively serve the licensed engineer and those who aspire to become licensed, NSPE must effectively engage on a proactive basis with the broader engineering community on those issues directly relevant to the professional licensed engineer, without allowing those engagements to distract or dilute NSPE’s focus on its own unique constituency (the professional, licensed engineer) and mission (serving the specific interests and needs of the professional, licensed engineer).

In realizing its vision of being a member-centric, nimble, future-focused, and responsive organization, NSPE must:

  1. Minimize process, politics, and bureaucracy; and
  2. Increase the focus, alignment, and action/outcome-orientation of every board, committee, task force, and other internal, stakeholder group.


Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multidisciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.


In order to better fulfill the mission and strategic plan of NSPE, as established by the House of Delegates, the Board has adopted the following strategies:

Member Value

NSPE will bring business discipline to ensuring that the individual member’s value expectations are being met through:

  • Concentration of resources on organizational strengths and the specific needs of its unique constituency;
  • Collaboration and coordination of member service at each of the three tiers;
  • Appropriate product and dues/nondues revenue mix; and
  • Effective membership and member services marketing and delivery.


NSPE will enhance its organizational capacity (including support systems, information resources, collaboration with its state societies, and direct advocacy activities) to empower and improve NSPE’s influence and impact (at the national, state, and local levels) on legislative, regulatory, and licensure matters relevant to the licensed Professional Engineer.


NSPE will:

  • Make its content expertise on matters of relevance to the licensed professional engineer comprehensive, authoritative, timely, accessible, recognized, and actionable; and
  • Deliver such content and make it accessible through a robust and state-of-the-art platform of media and channels.



  • Will not duplicate what is available elsewhere and will concentrate on what it does best;
  • Will seek opportunities to collaborate wherever possible to further the objectives of NSPE;
  • Will collaborate in a manner that is transparent to the beneficiary; and
  • Will leverage and strengthen existing partnerships (formal and informal).

Member Engagement

Different degrees and forms of engagement are appropriate and desirable for different segments of the membership. NSPE will create a range of levels of engagement, offering members opportunities to realize value regardless of how active they choose to be.

Professional and Leadership Development For the Licensed Professional Engineer

NSPE will support the development and lifelong learning of the individual member in the areas of both their professional practice and as engaged and productive leaders within the national, state, and local engineering communities.

Objectives and Priorities

The NSPE Board of Directors shall create time-specific charges, accountabilities, and performance outcomes for each board, council, committee, interest group, and task force, specifically tied to these strategies. Such charges documents shall be updated on no less than an annual basis.

Each board, council, committee, interest group, and task force shall regularly report to the Board of Directors on progress in addressing each assigned objective and priority.

The Executive Director shall set and manage performance goals for each NSPE staff member, specifically tied to these strategies.