NSPE Membership Business Model FAQ

On July 22, the NSPE House of Delegates approved to adopt a new membership business model. NSPE is working collaboratively with state societies to communicate to members the new membership business model. Below is an overview of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below please contact Member Services at memserv@nspe.org or 888-285-NSPE (6773).

Why is there a new membership model?

State and national leaders of NSPE have long recognized the need for the organization to redirect its focus from NSPE-centric or state-centric to member-centric.

Previous efforts with state-only membership, national-only membership, state billing, even disaffiliation have proven unsuccessful. Members are poorly served, redundancies created, efficiencies lost, and costs escalated when state and national act separately. A slow but steady decline in membership numbers at the national and state levels has continued.

The proposed model is being offered as another step in advancing that mandate to focus all resources, at all levels, on value to members.

Members are better served when the organization is integrated, meaning the entire partnership acting as a single entity. The whole organization can again become greater than the sum of its parts.

Who is responsible for determining the new membership model?

It is a collaborative effort, initiated by national but functioning from the ground up, driven by state society stakeholders. From the beginning, this has included state leaders (volunteers), state executives (through the State Society Executives Council), and national leaders (including the national board of directors and House of Delegates). This effort has also included extensive surveying to inform the decision making. A working group made up of state society leaders is currently refining the model and developing messaging to members.

What are my current NSPE member Benefits?

For a full listing of current benefits, visit the member benefits webpage, and your state society’s website.

What are the new NSPE member Benefits?

NSPE remains dedicated to addressing the professional concerns of licensed PEs and those on the path to licensure, and has focused on updating and offering new member benefits in our effort to become more member centric. In just the last few years, the Society has:

  • Built an active and successful advocacy program to protect the PE license;
  • Enabled greater networking among members through the launch of the popular online Communities;
  • Set a three-year business plan to prioritize and align resources with organizational goals, objectives, and strategies;
  • Developed reports and analysis on State PE Laws and Rules; and
  • Implemented technology improvements that have improved member access to information and increased efficiency in operations.

As the new model is implemented, it will help reduce redundancies and create efficiencies that enable states societies and national to continue to create new and enhance services provided to members.

How does this impact my dues?

Depending on the state where you hold your NSPE membership will determine if your dues are going, up, going down or staying the same. At the $299 dues price point, 67% of current members will see a reduction in total dues for three-tier membership.

Why are my dues going up?

In states whose dues are going up the most there will be added member benefits such as a state newsletter or a state specific online community. Communications with state specific changes will go out closer to July 1, 2018 and in your renewal notices.

Why are my dues going down?

One of the benefits of the new membership model is NSPE as a whole (national, state, and chapter) is the ability to work more efficiently. The partnering between NSPE and your state society means your state can offer the same, and possibly more, member benefits with a reduction in your annual membership.

When will my dues be impacted?

The transition to the unified $299 membership offering (including both national and state society membership) will be phased in beginning July 1, 2018. As each existing member’s renewal date approaches, National will bill and market renewal (at $299).

When was the last time dues changed?

The last dues increased at the National level was in 2015. Dues were increased to $154 from $151 (a $3.00 increase). Prior to this membership model change states determined their own dues. State specific dues changes will be communicated in your renewal notices, as each existing member’s renewal date approaches July 31, 2018 and later.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Member Services
888-285-NSPE (6773)
Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM (EST) Monday through Friday

Will the dues impact Retired membership dues or Lifetime membership?

Not at this time.

How does this impact enterprise membership?

NSPE will continue to offer a single payment bulk membership and invoicing to aid in the efficiency of payment for organizations that opt into the program. The single invoice will also be available electronically for more user-friendly editing of members. As the working group who participated in development of the model recommended and the House of Delegates approved, there will no longer be a 10% discount.