FAQs about Fifteen Free Courses

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How do I access the 15 free online courses?
1) In SHOP NSPE, select "Free for Members" from the navigation. Offerings will be marked down to a $0 sale for members. (They will also be linked from the members-only section and Education Web page.)

2) LOG IN as a member to "purchase" the offerings so that NSPE has a record of the transaction in the NSPE database for tracking purposes and in case a member is audited by their state licensing board.

3) Once you complete the checkout process, the link and passcode to view the course will be saved to the On-Demand Webinars tab under your account profile.

4) All members are required to take an online quiz and pass with a 70%. Following the presentation are directions to the quiz site. The site automatically grades the quiz. A copy of the graded quiz is sent to NSPE for our records.

5) Upon passing of the quiz, the member is directed to the location where they can print out their certificate.

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Where is my passcode?

Once you complete the checkout process, the link and passcode to view the course will be saved to the On-Demand Webinars tab under your account profile.

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How do I get my documentation?
At the end of each Web seminar is a slide with a link to a quiz. The participant must take the quiz and pass with 70%. After passing the quiz, the participant will be able to print out their certificate.

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What technology is needed to participate?
Members must have a computer, with audio capabilities, that accesses the Internet. Members must log into the NSPE Web site and " purchase" the products in order to receive their e-mail with links and passcodes.

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Are these all valid in my state?
NSPE's continuing education offerings are provided as a benefit to all professional engineers to enhance their professional growth and development. State requirements concerning acceptability of offerings vary from state to state. NSPE makes no representation concerning the suitability of its offerings under any state law or regulation. Participants are urged to refer to each state's continuing education requirements for specific guidelines.

At a minimum, ethics courses are accepted in all states at this time. The most likely answer is no, not one member will utilize all 15 free online courses as most state licensing boards require some face-to-face meetings. And many states, such as Florida, require a majority of their continuing education to be on specific topics such as state laws, codes, and regulations, something national will never be able to supply.

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Does NSPE report my participation to my state?
For courses preapproved in New York (ethics courses), NSPE sends a roster of participants.

NSPE is preapproved in Florida. If you are licensed in Florida and want us to report your participation, please send an e-mail to education@nspe.org and make that request.

NSPE does not report directly to any other states.  If your state requires direct reporting, contact education@nspe.org.

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Can I use these for my whole office?
No. A site license is purchased when registering for NSPE's live Web seminars. NSPE's recorded on-demand programs, including the 15 free online courses, are for individuals.

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Will you be changing the selection of the courses?
Each year, NSPE will take down the current 15 free and put up a different selection of 15 free courses. Be sure to renew early to remain to take advantage of the new courses.

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