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Who is NSPE? NSPE is its members. It’s a society made up of dedicated individuals who each bring a unique story and perspective to the engineering profession. NSPE members are leaders. They are connected, inclusive, committed to ethical practice, and so much more. Learn about NSPE members and share your own story. #IAMNSPE
  • I Am A Leader

    Rick Guerra, P.E., F.NSPE
    Mechanical Engineer.
    Firm Owner.
    NSPE President 2021–2022
    Past President 2016–2017 NSPE-TX

    “Everything I know about leadership, professionalism, and integrity as an engineer was learned through NSPE. I joined the organization 28 years ago because I wanted to learn how to become an engineering leader.”

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  • The Future

    Anali Martinez Gonzalez, E.I.T.
    Civil Engineer
    NSPE Emerging Leader Class of 2020

    "I have taken advantage of opportunities to grow as a leader and seek to inspire the next generation of girls and women, especially Latinas, who want to be engineers one day.”

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  • I Am Innovative

    Ben Amaba, P.E., LEED AP, CPIM, BD+C
    CTO - Digital Transformation with Technology Innovation

    NSPE is “the perfect venue to learn, network, and advance your skills,” according to Ben Amaba, an innovator at IBM. It brings together a diverse set of professionals who are innovating the world, and has helped him both personally and professionally.

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  • I Am Knowledgeable and Passionate

    Mika Pieper-White, E.I.T.
    Design Engineer
    Young Engineers Group Leader

    “Every person within [NSPE] genuinely wants to help others, is passionate, and is very knowledgeable within their field. This makes for a fantastic resource both personally and professionally. I joined by accident, but I keep coming back because of the wonderful people.”

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  • Mika Pieper-White, EIT

  • I Am a Change Maker

    Jacquelyn Brooks, P.E.
    Environmental Engineer
    Chair of NSPE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

    “I kept hearing people say, 'we can't find enough minorities and women.' I thought, 'why?' [Joining NSPE] did help me to feel comfortable to share what was really going on.”

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  • I Am Connected

    Priya Mistry, P.E.
    Municipal Engineer
    NSPE Emerging Leader Class of 2020

    “My continual involvement with NSPE both nationally and locally is to build a bigger community—a network of likeminded individuals that I can learn from— and grow as a leader.”

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  • I am Committed to Ethical Practice

    Megan Schultz, P.E.
    Land Development Engineer
    NSPE Board of Directors

    “I was initially drawn to NSPE because of the focus on ethical responsibility... It felt like a natural partnership to support my passions for local community and sustainability as I prepared to take my P.E. exam, but I’ve gotten so much more than I signed up for.”

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