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Patricia Galloway, P.E., Ph.D.What I do: Management consultant specializing in the power, transportation, and oil and gas industries; arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association on construction projects; speaker to both private companies and professional organizations on issues covering leadership, ethics and professionalism, women in science and engineering, and construction management topics.

Experience with projects on all seven continents, including Panama Canal, Crossrails in London, the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, the KL airport in Malaysia, the Venice Lagoon Project, and over 30 nuclear power plants.

My education: Ph.D. in infrastructure engineering from Kochi University of Technology in Japan, an MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and a bachelor's in civil engineering from Purdue University.

Biggest professional role model: Teddy Roosevelt. A president who knew engineering, visited and assisted some of the nation's largest engineering and construction project (including the Panama Canal), could weave public policy with engineering issues while keeping it understandable, and was a true cowboy and adventurer of the West (my favorite place on Earth).

What prompted me to get my PE license: My professor, Bob Lee, at Purdue University. As a senior at Purdue, Bob loved his students and wanted his students to understand not only the technical issues, but the importance of being a professional—which includes obtaining an engineering license and giving back to your profession through involvement in public policy and professional organizations.

My hobbies include: Hiking, horseback riding, snow mobiling, reading, watching movies, wine tasting (is that a hobby?), and spending time with my husband—and the love of my life—Kris, and my two border collies Rings and Bindi.

Proudest engineering accomplishments: Being the first woman President of the American Society of Civil Engineers and being appointed by President Bush to serve a 6-year term on the National Science Board.

My engineering plans for the next 10 years: To continue to work with companies to improve the engineering and construction process and industry, to continue as an arbitrator, and to continue my volunteer efforts with professional engineering and construction organizations in order to mentor younger professionals and to provide lessons learned for best practices.

Favorite movie: High Road to China with Tom Selleck.

I joined NSPE because...: I believe that engineering licensure should be a mandatory requirement for all engineers. NSPE has been the lead professional organization in getting this important message out to engineers and working with NCEES to require additional education before qualifying to take the PE exam and to work with states in requiring continuing engineering education to maintain one's license. NSPE is geared more toward ethics and professionalism than merely the technical side of engineering, and these areas, in my opinion, are critical to the image of engineers and to gain the trust of the public, whose health, welfare, and quality of life is entrusted in each one of us as engineers.

Something NSPE members should know about me: I am proud to be an engineer. I wear the Order of the Engineer ring on my working hand every day (since I graduated in 1978) as a reminder to me of my professional obligations to the public and as a symbol to the public that I am proud of my profession.

My desert island book is: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.