Jonathan Haycraft, P.E.

Senior associate
Gresham Smith and Partners
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Jonathan D. Haycraft, P.E., CPESCWhat you do: I am involved in many phases of highway design, streetscape, and sustainable transportation projects. These phases include planning level documents, plans review, and construction documents and specifications. My primary role is to lead the design and technical aspects of these projects and to manage the roadway team in Nashville. In my 13 years at GS&P, I have been fortunate to work on many different types and sizes of projects in several states.

What do you value in the people you work with? It's important to me that the people I work with share a real sense of teamwork and commitment in what we do, as well as a real desire to always be growing and learning more together in order to better serve our clients.

Biggest professional role model? Although I've been fortunate to have many great role models during my career to learn from, there is no doubt my biggest role model would have to be my father. He is also an engineer and the main reason that I've known since I was five years old that engineering was the business for me. He's worked for the same company since college and has shown me that some of the best opportunities for personal career growth can come by finding a great company to work for and being dedicated to their success.

What do you think companies need to do to attract younger generations into the engineering industry? It's important that we talk to them about engineering at an early age, such as middle and high school. The focus should be on technological advances in engineering and the ability to really have lasting positive affects on society and our environment. Companies can help this happen by creating partnerships with local schools and asking their employees to regularly interact with the students through classroom presentations and mentoring.
you weren't an engineer, you'd be: a pediatrician, I really enjoy children and considered becoming a pediatrician in order to help care for them.

Proudest engineering accomplishment: In 2007, we were asked to help a city transform what was an old alley with dumpsters into a street with a real sense of "place" for the community. As a team with the city, we added a fountain, street clock, larger sidewalks to meet Americans with Disabilities Act regulations (which also allows for outside seating at restaurants), benches, and street lighting. We put all the utilities underground and put in enough electrical capabilities that the city currently holds annual street festivals on this street, with concert stages and street vendors.
The entire project took only a blistering 11 months from beginning of design to construction completion, and was awarded the Tennessee APWA Project of the Year for 2008. This project is a true testament to what can be accomplished through the use of teamwork and commitment with our clients.

Your hobbies? Spending time with my family, golfing, reading, and watching the Green Bay Packers.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years, I will have... the continued love, support, and happiness of my family.

You joined NSPE to... make connections and network with other engineers in my area, as well as to be kept informed of what's going on in the engineering community across the country, specifically from a legislative standpoint.

Your desert island book: Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.