Brad Aldrich, P.E., F.NSPE

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Brad Aldrich, P.E., F.NSPE, President, NSPEJob: Vice president of Forcier Aldrich & Associates, an engineering firm specializing in water resource engineering for municipal clients primarily in Vermont.

Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont

Biggest professional role model: David Steinman, P.E., and his cohort, who were the pioneering engineers who designed some of the most significant projects of our time, pushing the envelope of engineering practice without design codes and standards that tend to dictate (and sometimes dumb down) our design approach today.

What prompted me to get my PE license: I was licensed in Vermont in 1986. Ironically, I was employed by a large general contractor as a project manager, but most of their PMs were licensed PEs. The owners felt that having the PE license portrayed a sense of professionalism that they wanted identified with their front line managers. I've subsequently obtained licenses in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Hobbies: Anything outdoors from snowshoeing in the winter, to kayaking, fly fishing, cycling, and golf (not very good at it) in the summer.

Favorite Movie: Waking Ned Devine

Proudest engineering accomplishment: The environmental improvements Forcier Aldrich & Associates has made to both wastewater and stormwater systems that flow into Lake Champlain, improving water quality in one of the most beautiful natural resources in the world. I take great pride in being a true environmentalist, one who actually does something to improve the environment, not simply someone who complains about it and does nothing. I hope that environmental stewardship will be my lasting legacy.

Why I joined NSPE ... out of a professional obligation to support those who guard my license, but learned that NSPE offers so much more!

Top priority as president of NSPE: To have every member of NSPE be able to articulate why they are a member and why every PE and EI should join. NSPE promotes and protects your license.

Something NSPE members should know about me: My father was a PE so I knew what engineering was at a very young age and wanted to be an engineer for as long as I can remember. Of all I've accomplished in my life, my PE license is my most cherished accomplishment and something that I guard with zeal.