Amy Kohls Buehler, P.E.

Member Since: 

Job: previously, vice president and director of the Dallas office of Figg, an engineering firm specializing in bridges. Currently serving as a consultant for Figg while on maternity leave

Education: B.S. in civil engineering from Catholic University of America and master's in civil engineering with emphasis on structures from Virginia Tech

Recent Award: NSPE's 2007 Young Engineer of the Year

Hobby: Finding new fabulous restaurants, socializing with friends, reading

Proudest engineering accomplishment: Each bridge's ribbon cutting!

The engineering feat that really amazes me: Monumental
structures that were built without the benefit of computers and modern-day construction equipment, such as the Brooklyn Bridge

What I did at work yesterday: Researched status of future toll projects in Texas

The PE license.... should be an aspiration of every engineer.

Why I joined NSPE:  To be an advocate for our engineering