75th Anniversary Guest Book

NSPE has provided to me an invaluable assocoation with fellow engineering professionals. There were many times during my tenure as President of NSPE that I posed the question, "Where else might you turn for the professional nurture that we all need?" There was not, and still is not, anywhere else for an engineer to frequently nourish his or her professional interests. NSPE has been, and still is the only answer to that question.

Thomas Dudley Hixson, P.E., F.NSPE
President 1993–94

I have had the privelege of being involved in the local, state and national organization for over 36 years and have met and been met by giants of our profession! NSPE through my involvement has given me the deeper essence of our profession by allowing me to give back! I tell anyone who will listen that being president of NSPE is one of only a few watershed moments in my life. Our profession owes an unimaginable debt to the founders and the thousands who have followed in service! And eventhough this great history is a "bold and beautiful legacy", the best is yet to come! As my favorite mentor, Dr. Dan H. Pletta, P.E. said in his book on our profession (1984) "it is we who can manage ideas and lead people or formulate goals, so as to leave the world a bit better than we found it, who must never lose hope. Nor must we ever forget that as technology shrinks the time and space frames in which the world functions, the challenges expand. Man now possesses the knowledge to enhance society's cultural atmosphere and living standards by orders of magnitude, or to annihilate everything." That was 25 years ago and Dr. Pletta is still right on target! Imagine the next 25 years and dare to dream of the roles of PE's in that wonderful future!

Robert S. Miller, III, P.E., F.NSPE
President 2006–07

I have read the late Paul Robins' book, Building for Professional Growth, A History of the National Society of Professional Engineers, 1934-1984. I am also fortunate to posses a pamphlet, The Writings of D. B. Steinman, which publication was produced during the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of NSPE. Both of those publications have instilled in me an enormous appreciation for the vision of Dr. Steinman and his colleagues. Their dedication to the profession of engineering, to the imperative need for licensure, and to achieving public recognition of professional engineers was beyond enormous.

As a recent officer of NSPE, I am familiar with the multiplicity of questions regarding membership benefits, value, "what's in it for me", along with various tensions among some of the membership units within the society. As I read Paul Robbins Book, and Dr. Steinman's writings, I recognized the enormous sacrifices made by our founders, the zeal with which they built NSPE from its modest inception as a federation of four states (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) to a federation of fifty four state and territorial societies. The last society to affiliate with NSPE was Guam, in 1970.

It is with extreme appreciation for the vision and efforts of our founders that I congratulate NSPE for the path it has followed, and wish a successful future for the National and State Societies. I urge all to become more familiar with the history of our organization, and to subscribe to the tenets upon which it is based.

On a personal level, NSPE's "birth" occurred on September 3, 1934, only nine days before my birth. We will reach our diamond anniversaries at almost the same time. I have always felt a special connection to NSPE because of that.

Bernard R, Berson, P.E., F.NSPE, LS
President 2007–08

I will be 95 years old in September and my memories are difficult to express.

I would like to commend the Society for their leadership in ethics, which is one of my favorite subjects. Their leadership is valuable.

I would bemoan the fact that when I was president of the Society, we had over 80,000 members and that it is much less today, and that instead of building it up, it has lost membership.

I also know that this is a continuing problem, but the NSPE continues to be a real force for the future of our profession.

Harry E. Bovay, Jr., P.E., F.NSPE
President 1975–76

Although I am 12 years older than NSPE, my accomplishments are miniscule compared to those of NSPE. I am proud to be a member of such an outstanding organization; to being inspired by the P.E.'s who preceded me; to have been honored to serve as NSPE's President; and to bask in the reflected glory of distinguished professionals-past, present and future! God-speed NSPE in the years ahead.

Clyde R. Tipton, Jr., P.E. (Ret), F. NSPE
President 1995–96

I hope I have given NSPE half as much as it has given me. It is a great organization with a noble cause that goes about its business reflecting the professionalism of the members it represents. We spend alot of our time talking about and debating how we can improve it. I am delighted that, for a change, we have this anniversary to celebrate how much of the world it has improved.

Teresa Helmlinger Ratcliff, Ph.D, P.E., F.NSPE
President 2003–04

After leaving the Navy in 1946 my first employer encouraged me to get active in ASCE. Later, after I became registered as a Structural Engineer and a Professional Engineer, I joined NSPE and became very active in the local chapter. I found this work very satisfying and rewarding. I gained experience in running meetings, speaking to groups, and in representing my profession.

I served as ethics committee chair at the Chapter, a number of state and national committees, Vice President of the State Society, and National  Director to NSPE, NSPE Vice President and then President.

This type of volunteer work and exposure helped me in my career by providing introduction to other companies for employment. I felt I was giving back to my profession and my companies encouraged my activity because they said "we want to give back to the profession" as well.

But most of all, the work with NSPE has helped to protect the public by seeing that only qualified engineers are practicing and that all the legal requirements are met. That is our duty as professional engineers and NSPE provides the means by which we can carry out those responsibilities.

Louis A. Bacon, P.E., F.NSPE
President 1983–84

On the occasion of NSPE's 75 Anniversary:

I was fortunate to be in the leadership of NSPE for the period 1980–1991. During those years, which I describe as NSPE's "Golden Years", the Society flourished. Membership was at its peak, activities were strong in Chapters, State Societies and at the National level. NSPE staff was very efficient under the leadership of Executive Director Don Weinert. Program activity included five (5) Practice Divisions, MathCounts, Educational Foundation, PAC, Management and Ethics Institutes, Auxiliary, effective lobbying, Action 80's Plan and later a NSPE 2000 Plan. Cooperation was strong between NSPE and the Founding Societies and the AIA.

I wish the Society success as it forges ahead in these new and challenging times for our Profession and the world.

Robert C. Gibson, P.E., F.NSPE
President 1988–89

I want to express my deep appreciation to NSPE for the many things it has done for the Licensed Engineer. The engineering profession is the most rewarding, the most ethical and the most important in making this great country what it is today. The highlight of my career was when I was privileged to serve as NSPE's President. It was a true joy to represent our society during that time. Glenda and I met many, many wonderful people throughout this country and Canada that we are still proud to call as friends! I did not ask for it, but trying to implement major reorganization took much of my time and effort. Since I had spent my working career in industry, I had wanted my main thrust to be providing leadership to adjust the mindset of NSPE, NCEES and others so that the huge number of working engineers in industry could and would become licensed. It would have made NSPE much stronger and able to provide even greater service to the individual engineer. I had my shot, but failed in this endeavor. I have no regrets for trying.

I love NSPE and the engineering profession and wish the present and future leadership nothing but the best in their endeavors.

Jack D. Hinton, P.E, F.NSPE
President 1996–97

My congratulations to the members and staff of NSPE on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary!!  We members of today are fortunate to be able to stand on the shoulders of David Steinman and those who had the vision and dedication to establish and nurture the growth of NSPE these past 75 years.  I had the special privilege of serving as NSPE's Executive Director from 1978 to 1995.  Many wonderful memories of those years.  The birth and growth of NICET, the NSPE PAC, FEYA, and MATHCOUNTS to name only a few.  The donation of sidewalks to the Washington monument and commissioning a symphonic piece "The Spirit of Engineering" for the 50th Anniversary.  The construction of our Alexandria headquarters.  Expanding the influence of National Engineers Week by reaching out to other societies. Our unwavering efforts to promote state licensing. Also, I recall the NSPE Vision statement, Action 80s and NSPE 2000 as part of our strategic planning effort.  But most of all, I remember the outstanding professionals with whom I worked.  The talented Headquarters staff, the outstanding and dedicated NSPE Presidents, starting with Bob Nichols through Monte Phillips with too many to name in between.  The many capable State Presidents and the State Society Executives. There have been many program accomplishments over the years, but the real heart and soul of NSPE lies in the professionals that have served it so well.
Donald G. Weinert, P.E., F.NSPE
Executive Director Emeritus, 1978–95            

I value the many years I have been associated with NSPE. The friendships that have been developed are invaluable. The years I have spent working on committees and task forces, serving in the officer line-up, and culminating by serving our engineering profession in general and NSPE in particular as President in 2004–05 rank extemely high in my career highlights. Our profession has been good to me, so the least I can do is give of my time, energy and resources to serve the profession.

Working with volunteers throughout the nation has given me the opportunity to hear different sides of issues and to help us as a group to make conscientious and wise decisions. Our staff at the NSPE Headquarters are an enjoyment to know personally and to work with each and everyone of them. We are most fortunate to have had, and still have, a dedicated staff.

I wish NSPE continued success in the future.

Bobby E. Price, Ph.D., P.E., F.NSPE
NSPE President 2004–05

B. S. Graduated in 1978 and M.S 1980 with structural Engineering as major from M. S. University, India, PE resistration states Ohio, Michigan and Florida

Surendra Gandhi, P.E.