NSPE PEHE Professionalism Progress Award

Deadline: March 31
▼ NSPE PEHE Professionalism Progress Nomination Form

This award is named NSPE PEHE (Professional Engineers in Higher Education) Professionalism Progress Award to recognize actions in promoting licensure, ethics and professionalism. The award was established by action of the Professional Engineers in Higher Education in 2014.

  1. The award may be made annually to an academic institution that offers an EAC/ ABET accredited undergraduate engineering degree.

  2. Membership in the Society is not a consideration for this award but membership as a Sustaining University qualifies for a 10% bonus in the overall scoring.

  3. The Professional Engineers in Higher Education (PEHE) Committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee the recipient of the Award based on its evaluation of the nominations presented. Multi-year recipients are allowed but are required to show continued improvement and achievement beyond what was recognized in prior years.

  4. One award may be given annually.

  5. Criteria, equally weighted, for the Award shall include,: a) the percent of graduates (minimum 60%) in a particular Academic Year who took the FE while enrolled as an undergraduate, b) the percent of those undergraduates who passed the exam, c) the percent of eligible faculty who are licensed, and d) a two page maximum, narrative detailing the extent of the curricula devoted to licensure, ethics and professionalism and activities undertaken by the College to promote these topics. For prior winners, inclusion of a description of the changes and improvements from prior Academic Years is required. Data or appendices to substantiate the narrative can be provided with the application.

  6. The Award consists of a crystal award. Up to two (2) Honorable Mention awards per category, consisting of a plaque, may be presented to other deserving programs.

  7. Past recipients of the NSPE PEHE Professionalism Progress Award shall be eligible to receive the Award multiple times provided the evaluation shows additional performance which justifies receiving the Award again.

  8. The details of the Award winning program shall be publicized through an article in a NSPE publication.

To nominate, submit the following:

  • A cover letter, signed by the nominator
  • An Official Nomination Form
  • Support documents specified

Electronic submissions should be submitted to pehe@nspe.org by March 31 for the preceding Academic Year.