NSPE Distinguished Service Award

Deadline:  January 31

This award recognizes an NSPE Licensed Member for exceptional contributions to the Engineering Profession, to one's community, and specifically to NSPE.

Past Recipients: See the complete list of recipients.

2016 NSPE Distinguished Service Award
Steve Bassett, P.E., F.NSPE

Steve BassettSteve Bassett began his engineering career in 1963, when he elected to transfer from the United States Military Academy at West Point, to the Georgia Institute of Technology, in order to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which was not offered at West Point.

His first employer, after graduating, was The Goss Co., where Steve applied his knowledge of machine design to the manufacture of newspaper printing presses.  He was the Engineering Representative during the installation of a first-of-its-kind newspaper printing press, which has since become the standard for the newspaper industry. Steve and his wife Sherry later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he began working for Delta Airlines in the jet engine propulsion-engineering department.  Steve developed many innovative repairs and overhaul procedures for jet engines which saved the airline several million dollars.

Steve joined NSPE in 1972, immediately after he became registered as an engineer in Georgia, and he has been active in the society since.  Steve held offices in the Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers, as well as the Georgia Professional Engineers in Construction, while living in Atlanta.  At a luncheon meeting of the Atlanta Chapter, Steve entered into a dialog with George Hightower, who was to become his employer and mentor in the air conditioning construction and design field, where he has remained for the past 41 years.

Steve has been through all of the chairs of the Broward Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society and, while chapter President, ensured that the chapter held a gala event to celebrate its 30th anniversary and reprised his role ten years later when the chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary. He also serves as a mentor for the local chapter officers of the Broward Chapter.

He has held numerous offices in the Florida Engineers in Construction, culminating in state chairman. Steve has been vice chairman of the Southeast region of Professional Engineers in Construction for NSPE for a total of 5 years, and is currently serving on the PEC Board of Directors.  He also served as Senior Vice-President for Interest Groups on the NSPE Executive Committee in 2001-2002.  During Steve’s activity with PEC, he has served as the PEC representative to the AIA Masterspec Review Committee for Mechanical and Electrical Sections during a 6-year period.  Steve was also very active with PEC’s involvement in the initial asbestos training conducted by the University of Kansas.  Realizing that a Mechanical Engineer had an extremely high probability of coming in contact with asbestos during the performance of his work, Steve elected to take the asbestos training course and became licensed as an Asbestos Consultant in the State of Florida in 1990. 

Steve served on the Florida Building Commission which writes the Florida Building Code from it’s inception in 1998 to 2009 and from 2013 to present.  Steven also serves on the Florida Fire Code Advisory Committee.

Steve Bassett’s primary community activities are focused through the Ft. Lauderdale Rotary Club.  Steve has been a member of three Rotary clubs since 1988.  He and his wife hosted an exchange student from Finland for six months and later a student from Sweden.  These experiences with the young foreign students inspired him to become involved with the Rotary District Youth Exchange committee from 2001 to 2008 where he served as the European coordinator and Responsible Officer for the state of Florida with US-ICE.  He has participated in other numerous activities in the club, including Rotary efforts to raise money to provide college scholarships for local area students.