2013 Seminars

NSPE 2013 Leader Conference & Annual Meeting
Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel
Minneapolis, MN
July 17–21

NSPE Opening Session
NSPE 2012-13 President: Dan J. Wittliff, P.E., DEE, F.NSPE
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Cockpit Technology Readiness Levels, From Concept to Flight Demonstration and Implementation
Speaker: Richard F. Shay, Captain
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COLLAPSE! An Engineering Response to the Unthinkable Modern-Day Structural Failure
Speakers: Vladimir Schegliowski, P.E. and Dustin Borror
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Managing engineering risk & empowering practice with contracts & communication
Speaker: Kristine A. Kubes, Esq.
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The Ethical Practice of Engineering: the "good", the "bad", and the "not very pretty"
Speaker: Kodi Jean Church, Esq., P.E., F.NSPE
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From Tragedy to Triumph—I35W Bridge
Speaker: Khani Sahebjam, P.E.
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Greener, Resilient, Secure and Smart Power Grid and Energy Infrastructure
Speaker: S. Massoud Amin, D.Sc
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Engineering perspective from today's engineering students and learning how to engage young engineers
Speakers: Chuck Clanton, Ph.D., P.E., PSS (Student Chapter Advisor); Alexandra Miller (Student Chapter President); and, Amanda Eidem
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Professional Duty and the Public Interest
Speaker: Gerald Andrews Emison, Ph.D, P.E., AICP, BCEE
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NSPE Closing Session
NSPE 2013–14 President: Robert Green, P.E., F.NSPE
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Leadership as an Engineering Responsibility
Keynote Speaker: Ronald J. Bennett, Ph.D
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