Editorial Calendar

Professional engineers are known for their technical skills, but leadership qualities can make a good engineer great. This feature will delve into aspects of this key professional attribute.
Space Close: December 29
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The Image of the Engineer
Engineers are passionate about their profession. What are the novel ways that they are spreading the excitement of engineering to the next generation?
Space Close: January 29
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Career Development
Professional engineers are involved in the design of so many things that help improve our quality of life. At the same time, to achieve professional success they need to work on designing their own career paths.
Space Close: March 3
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Emerging Technologies
Engineers turn ideas into reality. What are the game-changing technology developments that have engineers talking?
Space Close: April 1
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Professional Liability and Risk Management
This in-depth feature will cover the issues affecting a professional engineer’s insurance coverage, professional liability exposure, and insurance choices.
Space Close: May 1
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Engineer Employment
Engineering often ranks highly in salary rankings, and the profession is known for solid job opportunities. What employment trends are developing as the economy continues to work its way out of the Great Recession?
Space Close: June 4
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Around 400,000 full-time college students are enrolled in engineering programs each year. This feature will cover the latest news from academia.
Space Close: July 29
Ad Files Due: August 3

Legal Briefing
Legislative issues and court decisions can have a significant impact on the daily practice of engineering. This feature will highlight a current topic that’s making news.
Space Close: September 1
Ad Files Due: September 4

Although engineers often make decisions using precise scientific principles, they work in a complex world where answers to ethical questions can often be varying shades of gray.
Space Close: October 1
Ad Files Due: October 6

Professional Liability Insurance Survey and Directory
This special section includes a directory of professional liability insurance providers, which is assembled annually by NSPE and its partners, along with coverage of professional liability insurance trends.
Space Close: November 4
Ad Files Due: November 9

This calendar is subject to change.