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December 2011: NSPE Declares Victory Over Unpopular Withholding Tax

November 2011: New Federal Policy Could Restrict Government Contracting

October 2011: Member Survey Guides Government Relations Program

August/September 2011: Federal Issues At Your Front Door

July 2011: High-Performance Building Reports Call for Benchmarking, Education

June 2011: Broadening Participation Critical to Engineering Profession

May 2011: NSPE Urges Revisions to QBS, Environmental Practices

April 2011: New Bill Would Support STEM Funding Despite Budget Cuts

March 2011: Republican Initiatives Could Stymie Transportation Legislation

January/February 2011: Audit Finds FEMA Did Not Follow Brooks Act

December 2010: Safety First

November 2010: Angry Voters, Departing Politicians Will Shake Up Congress

October 2010: New Assessment Measures Engineering Literacy, Competitiveness

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July 2010: NSPE's Work in Washington Means Big Savings for Small Firms

May 2010: Legislators Take Action on Diversity in Engineering

April 2010: NSPE Backs K–12 Education Grants

March 2010: Lobbying for Livability

January/February 2010: A Call for Good Samaritan Protection

December 2009: Improving Competitiveness in the Education Race

November 2009: How Much Competition Is Enough?

October 2009: Congress Grapples Over Infrastructure Funding

August/September 2009: House Approves Sweeping Energy Bill; Senate Up Next

July 2009: As Stars Align, STEM Support Grows

June 2009: A 'Smart' Approach to Energy Concerns

May 2009: Federal Contracting Process Undergoes Make-Over

April 2009: Stimulus Package Gives Boost to Engineering

January/February 2009: New Leadership May Mean New Opportunities for Engineers

December 2008: New DOT Aims to Drive Change

November 2008: Tensions Mount Between House and Senate Over Legislation

October 2008: Candidates Promote Energy Policies

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July 2008: Congress Supports Science and Aeronautics

June 2008: NSPE Seeks Support from Congress

May 2008: Persistence Pays Off

April 2008: On The Campaign Trail

March 2008: Budgeting Basic

January/February 2008: Legislators Back Engineering Education, Careers

December 2007: Stakeholders Debate Disaster Response Strategy (PDF)

November 2007: 'Super Duper' Election Season Approaches

October 2007: Bridge Tragedy Spurs Congressional Action, Review of National Infrastructure (PDF)

August/September 2007: NSPE Promotes Cleaner, Greener Buildings (PDF)

July 2007: Protecting Good Samaritan (PDF)