Why YEs Join NSPE

Why YEs Join NSPE

NSPE's members are among the nation's top engineers—they have risen to the top of their fields through intense training, licensing, continuing education, and leadership.

Aaron Thrush, P.E. "I joined NSPE through my involvement with our local E-Week committee. I quickly recognized the long-term career advancement and professional development opportunities I'd find within NSPE. For me, NSPE was a great opportunity to proactively self direct my own career and professional development."  —Aaron Thrush P.E.

Anthony Fasano, P.E."I joined NSPE to network and meet other professionals in the engineering industry. I also thought that the information I would gain from meeting others would help me to advance my career."

 —Anthony Fasano, P.E.

Dawn Edgell, P.E."Through the contacts I've made in NSPE, I've been able to assist multiple project managers within my company on projects across the country by providing information and contacts in states where we don't normally work. While my company is based in Illinois, we work on projects in Florida, Missouri, and Washington where we don't have offices and local personnel. The network of people I've met through NSPE has been great to find local firms to work with us on projects and provide guidance on local and state requirements."
—Dawn Edgell, P.E.