State and Chapter Resources

Accessing the NSPE State and Chapter Membership Reports

Accessing NSPE State and Chapter Membership Reports Tutorial (PDF)

Association Management Tips

Improving Governance and Board Meetings (PDF)
12 Weeks to a Better Board: Most boards meet quarterly. If your last meeting was less than effective consider these quick tips for improvements in board service. Free management tips & templates, self audit process and governance-operations reviews by Bob Harris, CAE.

Tips to Excel in Association Management (PDF)

Who Manages Who Staff v.s. Volunteers (PDF)

DBSTF Subcommittee

Billing and Payment of Accounts Best Practices (Word Document)
Data Processing Invoicing Schedule (Word Document)
Data Processing Renewal Processing Overview (Word Document)
Invoice Preparation Overview SOP (Word Document)
NSPE New Membership Application Form Specification (Word Document)
Renewal and New Member Data Transfer Specifications (Word Document)
Sample State Renewal Processing Overview (Word Document)


2014–15 Dues Dictionary (PDF)

Dues by State (PPT)
NSPE State & Chapter Total Dues by State (Based on 2010-11 Dues Dictionary.)

2012–2013 Dues Dictionary Toolkit (PDF)

Free or Reduced Cost NSPE Resources to State/Territory Societies

Examples of Free Services Provided by National to State/Territorial Societies (PDF)


Insurance–Memo Regarding Commercial General Liability & Not-for-Profit Liability Insurance-2014 (PDF)

Insurance–Certificate of Insurance Request Form (Microsoft Word document)

Other Resources

BoardSource is dedicated to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service. BoardSource strives to support and promote excellence in board service, is the premier source of cutting-edge thinking and resources related to nonprofit boards, and engages and develops the next generation of board leaders.

Board Sign In Sheets (PDF)

Board Roles & Goals for Associations (PDF)

Chapter Downloads (PDF)
Available from the chapter downloads section of the NSPE site, volunteer leaders and state staff can download information about their state or local chapter. Here is a table of the report titles, what they are, and how often they are updated.

Economic Impact on Associations 2009 Benchmark Study (PDF)

Legal Responsibilities: A Guide for NSPE and State Society Officers and Directors (Microsoft PowerPoint file)

Providing Pro Bono Services as a Firm or as an Individual (PDF)

State Web Site Template (6 MB: ZIP)

SSEC Operating Guidelines (PDF)

Strategies for Adoption of Changes to State Engineering Statutes

Trademarks (As of 8/14/12: PDF)

Website Terms and Conditions (Word document)

Sample Policies for State Society IRS 990 Compliance

Overview (Primer) - Tax Exempt Organizations (PDF)
Antitrust Compliance Statement (PDF)
Conflict-of-Interest Statement (PDF)
Document Retention (PDF)
Joint Venture (PDF)
Non-Harassment (PDF)
Objective Compensation (PDF)
Privacy Policy-E-mail, Web, Member Data (PDF)
Whistleblowing (PDF)

Chapter Leader Handbook

Chapter Leader Handbook (Microsoft Word document)

State Leader Handbook

State Leader Handbook (Microsoft Word document)