Licensed Member and Member Use of The NSPE Logo

The Society encourages members of good standing in the "Licensed Member" and "Member" categories to use the NSPE logo on personal and business stationery and business cards as an expression of their membership in NSPE. (Student members are not eligible for such use.)

Guidelines for use of the logo must be downloaded below and followed. The NSPE logo can be used in a tasteful, professional manner on business cards, at the bottom of business letterhead, or under your signature on personal or business correspondence. Widespread use of the logo can also increase public awareness of the contributions of PEs to society. The logo may not be used to imply an endorsement of a firm or organization by NSPE.

Download Instructions for the Guidelines Only:
Click below to download the Microsoft Word file of the guidelines for licensed member/member use of the NSPE logo, NSPE-logo-guide.doc. ( Note: This file is part of the second download below, so go there if you want the guidelines AND the graphic files. ) Depending on your system, your computer will either 1) give you some choices, including save the file to your local disk (choose that one, and choose a convenient folder in which to save) or 2) open the file in your wordprocessor, from which you can then save to your local disk.

Guidelines: Licensed Member and Member Use of the NSPE Logo

Download Instructions for Guidelines and Graphic Files:
Depending on your system, your computer should give you a choice, including save the file to your local disk (choose this save option, and choose a convenient folder in which to save). Once you have saved the file locally , go into your file manager and double click on the file. You'll get an "Extract Archive Files" window. Press "Next" and there you'll type in the directory in which you want the files to be placed (the default is "C:\Temp" but you can use the same directory you have already chosen). Then you'll click "Next" and the file will "self-extract" and give you a folder called "NSPE Logos," with 22 variations of the insignia format as well as a copy of the guidelines. The "WMF" files are for use in your wordprocessor and office software. The "EPS" files are high-quality graphic files for desktop publishing and for your printer (and for Macintosh computers). The "TIF" files are 1200dpi B&W versions suitable for use with online business card suppliers, such as

ZIP File of NSPE Logo Formats and Guidelines for Use