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NSPE 2014 Annual Meeting Presentations

NSPE 2013 Annual Meeting Presentations


Talking Points

Engineering Body of Knowledge

Attributes and Capabilities (two-sided handout) PDF



EBOK for Indiana-SPE (PPT)

EBOK Licensure Exchange Article (PDF)

Engineers in Elected Office Presentation

Download the presentation here in ZIP format. (This is a big file and might take a few minutes to download. (Download Instructions)

PEPP Engineers in Elected Office Quotes (PPT)

Speaker's Instructions (PDF)

YEAC Speaker's Notes (PDF)

Lending Library Program

Library Order Form (PDF)


Engineers' Creed, wallet version

Graphic Design Manual (PDF)

Licensed Member and Member Use of NSPE Logo
Under NSPE guidelines, those who fall under NSPE's "Licensed Member" and "Member" categories are encouraged to use the NSPE logo on personal and business stationery and business cards.


NSPE's Mentoring Guide for Small, Medium, and Large Firms

Membership & Marketing

Recruitment Tips from Nebraska (PDF)

Sample 6MF Recruitment Letter (PDF)

Sample PE Recruitment Letter (Word document)

Sample Recruitment Letter (PDF)

Sample Recruitment Letter (Recently Licensed) (PDF)

State Brochure Template CS2 (8 MB: PDF)

State Brochure Instructions (PDF)

State Web Site Template (6 MB: ZIP)

Strategies For Member Retention and Attraction (PDF)
Suggested strategies for retaining and growing NSPE membership, based on best practices among NSPE state societies and chapters. While developed from the young engineer's perspective, it's applicable to all facets of NSPE. Prepared by NSPE-PEPP's Young Engineer Advisory Council.

Student Membership Flyer (Word document)

2011 Young Engineers Brochure (PDF)
When you join NSPE as a Young Engineer, you will experience many benefits of membership.


2014 Taking Action (PDF)

2013 Taking Action (PDF)

2012 Taking Action (PDF)


NSPE 2014 House of Delegates Orientation (Also available in PDF)

NSPE 2014 House of Delegates Orientation: Agenda (Also available in PDF)

Leader Orientation Guide

Society Leadership Orientation Program


EWeek Programs - How to Participate (Microsoft Word document)

Volunteer Task Catalog (PDF)
Looking for volunteer opportunities within NSPE? This catalog provides examples of tasks that need volunteer help.

Student Recruitment & Outreach

10 Reasons To Be Licensed (PPT)

Benefits of Licensure (PPT)

Get Licensed Get Ahead Video

How to Set Up a Student Chapter (Word document)

Reaching Out to Engineering Students (Word document)

Web Seminars

NSPE 2014 House of Delegates Orientation (Also available in PDF)

NSPE 2014 House of Delegates Orientation: Agenda (Also available in PDF)

Career Roadmap Facilitator

Leader Web Seminars

The Qualifications Based Selection Process: Under Attack

Risk Management, Legal Principles, and Ethical Standards for Association Leaders

Young Engineers

A Guide to Enhancing Professional Development: From College Student to Company Principal  (PDF)
This guide will assist young and seasoned engineers alike in finding resources to be successful in today's engineering world. Prepared by NSPE-PEPP's Young Engineer Advisory Council.

Young Engineers Products  (PPT: 4.5 MB)