Carole Mahady, P.E.

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Carole Mahady, P.E.

What you do: My firm is a private, not-for-profit management consulting organization that provides solutions to the federal government, and my position is within our infrastructure and engineering management group. I use my engineering background to analyze problems and apply solutions that are cost-effective, have stakeholder buy-in, and recommend improvements. I enjoy that each new project has its own unique challenges to address.

What do you value in the people you work with? Our diverse background and experiences enable us to come together with open minds to listen and share ideas, collaborating for an optimal solution. Our backgrounds range from engineers to retired military, accountants, logistics, mathematics, even hotel management.

Biggest professional role model? Tammy Nosek, my manager at my first engineering position. Throughout my career, I have found that I faced many of the same challenges that she has, and still to this day she is available when I call. One of the greatest things she gave me was my cat, who taught me to go home.

What do you think companies need to do to attract younger generations into the engineering industry? Companies should sponsor events with schools to introduce the younger generation to the possibility of being an engineer. The first time I thought of becoming an engineer was a high school field trip on "take your daughters to work" day to a local firm, where various engineers presented what they did. 

If you weren't an engineer, you'd be: International consultant—it involves problem solving, which I love, and I would also love to travel the world. Or be the host of a travel channel program.

Proudest engineering accomplishment: I met with a property owner, on-site, to address his concerns about our client's proposed installation on his water tank. The property owner was pleased with our solution as well as my attentiveness to his concerns. The next client, who wanted to do something similar with the property owner's water tank, were asked to call me. 

This was one of the first times I brought work to my firm independently. It was this point in my career that I realized I am capable of bringing in and attracting work for my company.

Your hobbies? Renovating my home and taking classes on subjects from rock climbing to glass bead making.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years, I will have...happiness, success, and an additional area of expertise such as life-cycle cost analysis.

You joined NSPE to...keep on top of what is going on in the engineering community and meet other engineers.

Your desert island book: Any book by Amy Tan.