Capt. Anthony Zimmer, P.E.

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Capt. Anthony Zimmer, P.E.           Capt. Anthony Zimmer, P.E.
Member Since: 2007

Job: Senior Engineer, Environmental Protection Agency, National Decontamination Team, which specializes in decontamination response following incidents of national significance, such as Hurricane Katrina and terrorist attacks.

Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute; M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Recent Award: 2008 Federal Engineer of the Year Award.

What prompted you to get your PE license: Professional recognition and promotion.

Hobbies: Home remodeling, although I've been an informal "home flipper" for the past 20 years.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida beaches with my family.

Favorite Movie: The Great Santini.

Proudest engineering accomplishment: A glue-laminate bridge, based upon a hyperbolic cosine, that I designed and built for my home because nothing was commercially appealing ("necessity is the mother of invention").

What do you consider to be the greatest engineering feat: The Internet (20th century mankind), although I would consider the truly greatest engineering feat to be DNA.

What I did at work yesterday: Went to a conference from 8:00–10:00 and saw 200 people, went to my office to polish off a PowerPoint presentation for the Greater Orlando Airport Authority to be delivered the next day, attended a client's board meeting from 1:00–2:00, attended a Central Florida Economic Development Commission meeting from 3:00–6:00, picked up dinner on the way home in time to see the American Idol final show with my kids.

Why I joined NSPE: To be among my peers.