Brett Northenor, P.E.

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Brett NorthenorWhat you do: I am involved in many phases of water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure improvements. These phases include concept-level planning, in-depth studies, and preparation of plans and specifications. I enjoy the breadth of my work spanning from wastewater biology to fluid hydraulics.

What do you value in the people you work with? Honesty, professionalism, and an understanding of how to have fun at work.

Biggest professional role model? My parents have been my role models in all aspects of life. Their examples of hard work, honesty, and integrity provide the standard to which I constantly strive. 

What do you think companies need to do to attract younger generations into the engineering industry?
I think companies should promote the social benefits the engineering industry provides. Younger generations are particularly attuned to social and environmental sustainability and want to have a positive impact on their world. Whether it's safe bridges, reliable sanitation, or clean energy, engineering provides an outlet for younger generations to positively impact their world.

If you weren't an engineer, you'd be: A carpenter, mechanic, or another profession where I work with my hands.  

Proudest engineering accomplishment: We recently finished a wastewater treatment plant upgrade providing newer, energy-efficient equipment and process automation at an aging facility. The upgrades were performed while keeping the plant online and consistently meeting effluent limits. My efforts on the project spanned from facilitating initial process selection discussions to providing contract administration, ensuring the project was built to specification and properly turned over to the owner. Project costs will be recovered in three years due to energy savings. It's a great example of how engineers can address the major issue of aging infrastructure in a cost-effective, energy-efficient way. 

Your hobbies? Golfing, home brewing, and watching Atlanta Braves baseball.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years, I will have... a happy family and the respect of my peers.

You joined NSPE to... stay informed about developing issues within the profession, network with peers, and to find outlets for contributing within the engineering community.

Your desert island book: Something by Bear Grylls or Les Stroud (outdoor adventurers from the TV shows Man vs. Wild and Survivorman, respectively). I'm going to need some serious expertise to survive more than an afternoon in the wilderness.