2012 New Faces of Engineering, College Edition

Angelica CamposAngelica Campos, a chemical engineering student at New Mexico State University, says of her time with NSPE and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers: "When I first started, I thought I was alone when it came to school and stressing out over classes, but after joining these societies I know I'm not alone. Other people are in the same boat as me and we all help each other succeed."
Dan BlakeDan Blake, an active member of NSPE, ASCE, and the American Water Works Association, has worked at both a water treatment plant as well as a wastewater treatment plant, learning about civil engineers in the public and private sectors. A fourth-year civil engineering student at Brigham Young University, his time in water plants has convinced him that "There are lots of improvements that need to be made in the water treatment industry, and I want to be able to aid in this process."
Jainish BrahmbhattJainish Brahmbhatt is dual-majoring in physics and aerospace engineering at Jacksonville University in Florida. He has competed in MATHCOUNTS and the Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts-Academic Linkage design competition, as well as a potato gun competition. Jainish uses his time in NSPE and the Florida Engineering Society to figure out, "In what ways will my work impact society?"

Jordan SchrockAs a chemical engineering major attending New Mexico State University, Jordan Schrock says she doesn't get to meet many other engineering students. But being a member of the student chapter of NSPE has changed that, allowing for networking and opportunities. Working through the Society and other organizations, Jordan has judged elementary school science fairs and given science demonstrations for local students.

Nathan MorisonNathan Morison, studying chemical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, is a student member of NSPE and AIChE. Morison has worked with Caltech to increase chemical engineering students' knowledge about industry employment. In addition, he has interned with GE Aviation, where he's gained experience gathering data and performing research.
Siri VikanAs a civil engineering major studying at Washington University, Siri Vikan is currently working with Engineers Without Borders to complete improvements on two water towers in Ethiopia. She said that witnessing the poor drinking water and inconsistency of running water in the communities cemented her decision to continue working on infrastructure maintenance.
Zahid KhanZahid Khan, a mechanical engineering senior attending the City College of New York, is involved with ASHRAE and the Society of Automotive Engineers, in addition to NSPE and others. On top of his involvement with professional societies, he has already held a few internships, through which he's learned software tools like AutoCAD as well as checking computer equipment for a local school through the Department of Education.